Reboot Rebuild Rebalance™
functional medicine with behavioural change


During the Reboot transition you’ll stop feeling stuck, isolated or confused. You’ll create a compelling vision of how your life will feel with optimal health; and find the deep, authentic motivation to prioritise your health.



how your life would be if your whole being functioned optimally, free of, or with fewer, uncomfortable, debilitating or embarrassing symptoms.


deep sources of personal motivation that will sustainably energise and fuel your commitment to your health and the changes that this might involve.


your path to health, and commit to making the quality of your life your top priority.


During the Rebuild transition you’ll learn the root causes of your symptoms. You’ll discover how to nurture your wellbeing and start to follow a personalised plan of action to address those symptoms.



just what exactly is going on inside you to identify your own unique path to wellness that’s based on your data, and no-one else’s.


a personalised plan that will halt the cycle of damage and allow your healing process to start.


what nutrition, diet, exercise, relaxation, sleep, thinking patterns and other lifestyle choices help or hinder your health and vitality.


During the Rebalance transition, you’ll start to develop the healthful habits and the support you need to make sustainable lifestyle changes. You’ll begin to model good practices for your loved ones and start to understand what loving your life feels like.



your mindsets and behaviours with the support of a challenging, empathic, non-judgmental coach and mentor you can trust, who will care and who will hold you accountable gently.


embed and develop habitual behaviours and mind-sets that support optimal rebalancing of your microbiome.


beneficial lifestyle changes into automatic, nonnegotiable habits and build a network of people who champion your transformation.

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