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Our mission

Our mission is to make the world a healthier place, for everyone and everything on it. We do this by creating a new, positive relationship between people and our planet. Our focus is on empowering people to make decisions that are good for them, their communities and their environment. We enable people to change their behaviour, to improve their own health and wellbeing.

What we believe

We believe that everything is connected.

Humans are becoming increasingly out of touch with all that creates optimal health, as a result levels of chronic disease are increasing every year. We believe that much of what is contributing to our own internal system imbalances also contributes to imbalances and disruption in our planet’s natural systems.

We believe that behaviour matters.

Individuals, societies and the environment are becoming less stable. Never before have we faced greater threats to the health of all of our systems.

We believe that how we treat our bodies and minds is how we treat our planet.

We believe that behaviour change that resets people’s optimal health will ultimately contribute to stabilising and balancing the systems that enable human life to flourish on this planet, in balance with nature. And so we believe that even small changes in our behaviour can ripple out to have big, positive impacts on people, communities and the planet.

What we do

We deliver empowering, person-centred and individualised wellness programmes.

Our signature programme is Reboot Rebuild Rebalance™, a six-month, personalised programme that aims to help you regain your vitality and zest for life by rebooting, rebuilding and rebalancing your microbiome. Reboot Rebuild Rebalance™ combines functional medicine with a high level of one-to one mentoring and coaching support.

Reboot Rebuild Rebalance™

Our approach

We use a ‘you-centred’ approach that supports your individual expression of health and vitality, through personalised plans that account for your biological uniqueness, combined with a high level of one to one mentoring and coaching.

Accelerated sustainable healing

Reboot Rebuild Rebalance™ works because it combines functional medicine with behaviour change coaching.


Reboot Rebuild Rebalance™ helps you identify your most compelling, powerful reasons for returning to good health.

You’ll no doubt want to feel good, have more energy and feel all the other great things that come with optimal health.

On the programme you’ll explore and identify the specific, strong motivators to good health that are personal and unique to you.


Reboot Rebuild Rebalance™ identifies what’s at the heart of your suboptimal health, and what you need to do to address the imbalance in order to function optimally and thrive.

On the program you’ll work with Jo to:

  • Identify the root causes of your symptoms
  • Identify what you need to do to address these causes. Most often this means making changes to your diet and lifestyle.


To get from suboptimal to optimal health you’ll probably need to change some behaviours. But change can be hard. Knowing what we should be doing differently is one thing, but changing behaviour can be a big challenge for many people.

So you’ll work with Gill to explore how to change and you’ll discover:

  • How your deeply held principles, attitudes and thinking patterns help or hinder you changing your behaviours.
  • How to modify your internal processes and mental models to create sustainable behaviour change.

Who we are

We combine over 35 years' experience in behaviour change and optimal health recovery. Together we've created a practical, empowering and person-centred approach to wellness that addresses the root causes of poor health and enables the positive behaviours that give people optimal health and wellbeing.

Gill Burt

Gill Burt is accredited with the International Coach Federation as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and has been a practising professional coach and change agent for nearly 20 years. Alongside her work in health coaching, she has spent many years working in the corporate world as an executive coach, and as a designer and facilitator of leadership development programmes for many global organisations.

Gill specialises in mind-set and behaviour change and her professional interests lie in current scientific physical and mental health and wellbeing research that challenges accepted paradigms, beliefs and practices. Through her personal experience of ill-health and research, Gill is especially knowledgeable about lifestyles that support good microbiome health.

How I got here: Gill's story
Jo Gamble

Jo Gamble was the first functional medicine practitioner in the UK to graduate from the Institute of Functional Medicine. She has studied nutritional therapy at the College of Naturopathic Medicine and completed a fellowship in integrative cancer therapy. She’s also a lecturer at the College of Naturopathic Medicine and lectures internationally at a post-graduate level where she shares innovative research coupled with clinical expertise. She supports and is bound by the professional code of the British Association of Nutritional Therapy and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council.

For over 15 years, Jo has used science-based evidence and functional medicine expertise and experience to discover the root causes of symptoms of ill-health and guide people back to optimal wellness.

How I got here: Jo's story

If you are looking for personalised support to enable you to gain and sustain optimal health and vitality, email me at hello@alivenkicking.com to arrange a free initial conversation.